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i was wondering if it is really important for me to use a static gard if i'm going to install more memory on my desk top???? i read somewere (maybe on here) that if i touch the power supply unite frist ( with my coumpter unplugged from wall) and install the memory it will be fine......is that correct??
or is there an other way to safely install memory???
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  1. You really don't need to be that careful about static unless you are in a high static environment.

    When your psu is plugged in, it will be grounded as will the case. Turn off the psu switch, touch the case and you will be ok.
    Be careful not to touch the connection pins, and do not force anything. Parts are keyed to go in only one way.
  2. hey thanks very much.......1 more question, after i install the extra memory and i close up my PSU after i turn it back on, do i need to do anything???? or is it all ready to go and will about the extra memory.......know what i mean???
  3. You won't be closing your PSU (power supply unit), you will be closing your case. And yes, after closing your case up, just power on the PC and it should be fine.
  4. And... you really don't need to close up the case.
  5. make sure you pull power from the wall. most new pc mb keep 5v live on the mb and you can fry your mb unless you drain it.
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