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Hello ya'll!
This is my first custom build and I needed some input from other individuals. I want a video card(s) that can handle up to four card but currently I only have 3 screens, but looking to get a new one. I have a semi-low price range from $0-200. I will not be doing extreme gaming on it but it will be used as a workhorse so processing would be nice. If I need to higher my price range please say so,
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    Try a NVIDIA gtx 660 (no ti), those are very reliable and while they may be up to about $20-40 out of your price range it's definitely worth it in my opinion. From the benchmarks I've seen though the gtx 480 was still in the top five though so keep in mind that my answer may not be the only one. Look at some benchmarks sites and compare performance vs. price. It's definitely worth the effort.
  2. Thanks! I will do that!
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