Can't use HDTV along with dual monitor seutp

I have a Radeon HD 6870 GPU with 2 1080p monitors currently connected via DVI. Now I have a 720p HDTV connected via HDMI, but cannot get the tv to pickup a signal from the computer.

In the screen resolutions window, it detects that the tv is there, but cannot extend the display, mirror either of the other monitors, and is unable to change the resolution. What should I do?
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  1. Most times one of the DVI ports shares it transmitters with the HDMI port.

    Try to unplug one of the DVI then the other to see what port is shared.

    AMD requires ONE of the THREE screens to be DP on most cards(some user single link DVI to get past this).

    An ACTIVE DP to HDMI would solve this, but you should make sure it is AMD approved.
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