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Hey guys, I built a i5 2500k MSI HD 7870 system and built it back in November of 2012. I recently just started overclocking my gpu. I would use MSI afterburner, move the core clock speed up15mhz, run furmark for about 5-10 minutes, then play something like farcry 3 for another 20ish minutes. Then I would repeat. It passed the furmark test and i didnt see any artifacts. So today i had it at 1170 (original was 1050) and I tried to play Crysis 3. But when i tried to play crysis 3, my system bluescreened. I lowered it 15mhz and tried again. Same thing. Lowered it another 15. Then the game would crash and freeze. My computer would keep working though, after that i got a "display driver has crashed and has recovered" I lowered it again, played crysis 3 beta for a little bit, then it bluescreened again.

1. What am I doing wrong?

2. I assume this is from having clocks that are too high, but how did it get so high without me detecting problems? I didnt see any artifacts in furmark and FC3 ran like a dream?

3. How can I fix it?

I have GPU settings set back to stock to avoid further trouble. Please help. Thanks!
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  1. well for starters furmark isn't as good stress test it used to be only a year ago, mainly because new drivers can detect it and throttle the clocks/load to avoid overloading the card, basically the drivers treat it as a 'power virus'.
    You could run Unigine Heaven instead.

    Secondly different games put slightly different kind of load on the card, some are more demanding and/or less error tolerant...
  2. After you get any sort of display driver error I would really restart the pc all together bud. I had the same issue and had nothing but problems until i did.
  3. Also is your PSU up to spec? If you've got even slightly unreliable voltage going to your GPU it can be a nightmare when you start OC
  4. Try upping the voltage to the GPU by .25mV, TS. Since you never saw any artifacts it should help with stability.

    With that said you'll also be upping the heat generated by your card, so pay close attention to the temps of your VRM (GPU-Z for this) and GPU while you test.
  5. Lots of great advise and ideas in here. Im very curious to hear about the rest of the hardware still.
  6. Ok, I don't want to play with the voltages, I just want to know why it keeps blue screening. I'm at stock right now, would you advise that I retry with Unigine Heaven and Crysis 3? I'll wait until they release the full game w/a driver, but It doesn't make sense to me that the clock speed of ur GPU can crash some games. Thanks!
  7. BigMack70 said:
    A BSOD is just one of several possible symptoms of a bad overclock, it's nothing to worry much about unless it's happening at stock speeds - and even then, I wouldn't worry about it in a beta game.

    Are Beta games really that prone to cause BSOD?
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