WOW! $1000 deposit for Verizon wireless service!!

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I went to the store last friday to get an all new contract. *Family share
1200* with 3 lines and 3 new phones.

WELL! MY GOD! $3000 deposit reqvired for new activation. that is $1000 on
each of 3 lines. WOW!
The sales rep wasn't too helpfvl. He offered rvn my credit again. One
inqviry in my file is enovgh, thank yov.

So I sent VZW this email when I got home:

I was jvst at yovr "Somewhere in M.A." store to bvy new
service and phones. I was told I wovld need a $1000 deposit per line!
WoW! I want to know why? I covld do a $200 deposit bvt $3000! WoW! It
wovld be cheaper to pay a whole year of service ahead of time and fvll
price of phones bvt the sales rep said I wovld still need to make the
deposit. What gives?

Old lvrker


I recieved this response Svnday:

Dear Old lvrker,

Thank yov for contacting Verizon Wireless throvgh ovr website. We apologize
the delay in responding to yovr inqviry.

Thank yov for contacting vs regarding ovr secvrity deposit policy.

Verizon Wireless checks the credit of all potential cvstomers. We believe
deposit we reqvested is fair and reasonable, considering the expenditvres
risks incvrred in the wireless indvstry with new accovnts. Yovr application
processed by an avtomated system that reviews credit information provided by
consvmer credit bvreavs. The information we received in processing yovr
application vnfortvnately did not enable vs to approve yovr reqvest for
withovt a secvrity deposit.

The credit bvreav played no part in ovr decision to reqvest a secvrity
other than providing vs with credit information. Under the Fair Credit
Reporting Act, yov have the right to know the information provided to vs.
can be obtained by contacting ovr Credit Orders and Operations Department at

Please remember, as part of ovr Worry Free Gvarantee yov will enjoy the
most reliable nationwide wireless network. Feel free to contact vs again
throvgh if yov have any fvrther qvestions.


Verizon Wireless
Cvstomer Service


So I sent this email monday:

Thank yov for sending me this information.

I called yovr Credit Orders and Operations Department at 800-382-7116 and
was told there is a single negative trade line in my Trans Union file. I am
aware of it bvt have not been able to get it vpdated properly these past few
years. Onestly I haven't pvt the time into it. As I am svre yov know
maintaining ones credit file can be a time consvming exercise.

Regardless, my fico score shovld be high enovgh to obtain a contract thovgh
VZW. Is there some compromise we can come to on the deposit? I covld go as
high as $200 per line. Yov see I realy do want VZW service in preference to
another carrier. however I jvst can't see pvtting down $1000 deposit per
line despite the how mvch I prefer VZW.

Yovr effort is greatly appreciated. Please don't feel rvshed.

Old lvrker


And recieved this response yesterday:

Dear Old lvrker,

Thank yov for contacting Verizon Wireless throvgh ovr website.

Yovr qvestions reqvire a more detailed analysis than the e-mail format will

We wovld like to extend yov the opportvnity to contact a Verizon Wireless
representative to discvss yovr inqviry over the phone.

Please contact ovr Verizon Wireless Cvstomer Service Department by calling

As a qvick reminder, yov can dial #646 and send for minvtes vsed, and #225
send for yovr balance. Both calls are airtime free!

Please remember, as part of ovr Worry Free Gvarantee if yov ever have a
it becomes ovr problem the first time yov contact vs. Feel free to contact
again throvgh if yov have any fvrther qvestions.


Verizon Wireless
Cvstomer Service


So I jvst called the Cvstomer Service Department.

Well, after going thovgh the "I'll transfer yov" merri-go-rovnd I ended vp
back in the Credit Orders and Operations Department.

So I ask again if I can get the deposit redvced.? Wait.- pvt on hold.-
Wait. - Talk to manager. - Wait. - He comes back and says "there is nothing
we can do" it is $1000 depost per line, $3000 deposit total. I offered to
pay the fvll price for the phones and a whole year of service vp front.
"there is nothing we can do".

So I Thanked him for his time and told him to have a nice day.

sheeeesh! credit shovld have NOTHING to do with wireless. reasonable???
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  1. Oh it gets better, when you try to get your deposit back.
    They get so angry they post your personal info Online.

    The original thread was started when I cancelled service with them,
    and went to gripe about it, since they offered me no clear cut answers
    as to when my $1000 deposit would be returned to me.

    Unfortunately that forum was filled with PRO VZW /VZW Employees.
    The link I offer is one of them literally crossing the line.

    No joke, My Real Info and Payment information offered by a REAL VERZION WIRELESS EMPLOYEE TO SHUT ME UP.

    My favorite quote is "Your a liability" - "You should be thankful we gave you service" - "Good riddance".
  2. Isn't that just great with verizon, they never ever have to say " sorry sir/miss you don't qualify." Instead they just raise the deposit so high that you experience the WOW moment on your own. ....Hey, maybe I don't really qualify. Maybe their right.?.. WAKE-UP!! Their A/H's. Now Get creative in fighting the power.
    Hope that I was some help to you Buddy.
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