Hd 7850 oc edition vs evga gtx 650 ti vs EVGA GTX 650 ti SSC


I'm planning to build a PC and get one of those cards (all 2GB). I've been checking some benchmarks but im confused in which one i should choose, as all have their pros and cons and there aren't any crazy differences between those cards. Could you please let me know what you guys think?

Here are the main specs of the pc:

- Intel Core i7 3770K 3.5GHz
- EXDISPLAY Asus Maximus IV Extreme R3.0 P67 Motherboard

Thanks in advance.
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  1. A 7850 at stock is already way faster, plus it overclocks sky high. No question the 7850.
  2. sorry for the mistake i meant Zotac.

    Hd 7850 oc edition vs Zotac gtx 650 ti vs EVGA GTX 650 ti SSC.
  3. thanks for your reply cookybiscuit. However, shouldnt i consider the GPU core clocks?

    1. HD 7850 OC ---> 920 MHz Core Clock
    2. Zotac gtx 650 ti ---> 941 MHz Core Clock
    3. EVGA GTX 650 ti SSC ---> 1071MHz Core Clock

    In addition to that EVGA has the highest Memory Bandwidth in comparison to the other 2 cards (86.4GB/s)
  4. Comparing core clocks between different architectures means absolutely nothing(in this case Kepler vs Pitcairn), it's like saying

    Oh this FX-8150 runs at 4GHz therefore it beats this i7-3930k running at 3.2GHz

    Most 7970s run at 900-1000MHz yet still manage to beat 1GHz+ GTX670 and GTX680.

    Also 7850 beats the GTX650Ti and once you factor overclocking and 13.2 drivers it can even equal a 660 at times.


    the 7850 has a 256-bit vs 128-bit bus bandwidth meaning better AA/AF and high res gaming.
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