Hd 6870 suddenly running slow after installing a game

Computer specs:

intel i3 2100

sapphire radeon hd 6870

gigabyte mobo (I forgot the model #, I can get it if necessary).

4gb gskill ram

I recently moved my computer to a new apartment and now all my games are running with really poor fps. I also recently installed a new game (xcom enemy unknown) and was getting bad fps. I gave up on it and tried playing another game and was still getting terrible fps. Before this (moving the computer and installing the new game), I was getting very good fps in all the games I had.

It also hasn't been hooked up to the internet for a few days and windows may have downloaded an update (I have a..less than legit..copy of windows).

I'm now getting a warning that I wasn't getting a few days ago from the amd graphics software: "The catalyst control center is not supported by the driver version of your enabled graphics adapter. Please update your AMD graphics driver, or enable your amd adapter using the displays manager".

So far I tried updating the AMD driver to the latest version with no change.

I did a system restore back to a month ago with no results.

I checked the device manager and it says it's working properly. I also opened up the tower and the card seems to be running fine.

When I installed the xcom game I did an update on directx which may have caused an issue, but I'm assuming the system restore would have brought that back to when it was working.

Any ideas would be great, I'm really at a loss here.
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  1. run the directx diagnostic, click start type dxdiag.exe
    uninstall catalyst control center and reinstall.
  2. In the dxdiag it saying that my graphics device is the intel hd video (the stock one with my processor). Is it possible that I somehow set this as my default or something? How can I get it back to my gfx card?
  3. hah, I'm dumb. I had the dvi plugged into the mobo not the gfx card ><

    problem solved, my stupidity knows no bounds
  4. glad i could help, if your happy with the result please mark as best answer. =)
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