GTX 660 Ti - MSI or Asus

This past weekend I ordered the MSI N660Ti PE 2GD5/OC from Newegg ($300 after rebate). It's still in transit, and I'm quite happy to take my time building my new PC once it arrives. While browsing Newegg today, I noticed the ASUS GTX660 TI-DC2O-2GD5 has gone on sale ($260 after rebate).

I originally picked the MSI due to strong reviews and a sizeable amount of feedback through online vendors. That said, I always read positive things about the Asus card (particular the quietness of it, offset by perhaps some instability and not quite as efficient cooling as the MSI). Given the sale, does anyone think I should reconsider? Don't get me wrong, $40 certainly isn't going to break me, just want to make sure I have the best card for my requirements (stability first, FSX and DCS A10 performance, noise, and reliability).


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  1. i would say send i back because the asus is just's quieter,and cooler but if you don't overclock then the msi would be better because at stock it is faster than the asus card.also you could get a 7950 if you want to send it back it's okay if you prefer nvidia i'm just throwing out suggestions
  2. In all honesty, I'd see if you could go with that Asus card and save a few bucks. I have the 670 TOP version from Asus and it's a dream. I think considering the price it's worth swapping the cards out, the only difference between the two in terms of performance would be that the MSI is factory overclocked, but overclcking shouldn't prove to be too difficult if you so choose.
  3. If you don't plan to hardcore overclock than this is a preference thing, the cards differences are not going to be noticeable in game so its a matter of aesthetics,personally i chose the asus one when i got mine a while back and it plays bf3 on ultra with no aa always above 80 fps at 1080p Both cards will perform nearly identical.
  4. MSI usually has better cooling, and newegg has hidden restocking fees, didn't know about my $50 restocking fee for my DEFECTIVE card I had to send back until AFTER I sent it.
  5. Not sure if your looking for the OC / PE versions, but I have this one.

    Very happy with it runs pretty cool and very quiet, cant tell any difference in noise when gaming or at idle

    Sorry should have looked at the actual links but I was on the phone, its the same MSI card you linked.
  6. Personally, the gain in performance is miniscule and between the two cards it's heavily dependant on whether or not you'd overclock it or leave it alone. It's essentially the customer support you're buying when you look to multiple vendors for similar products. Asus, I have no experience with but I've heard nightmares and dreams dealing with them. As a multiple time consumer of MSI products, I've had zero complaints with their hardware and their customer support. When I thought I had to send my laptop out for repair, it turns out that their facility was in Tennessee which was a major bonus imo.
  7. Thank you all for the feedback. 'Mansfield' raised a good point about a restocking fee, which most likely would apply. Given that, and return shipping, I've decided its not worth it. Still a little frustrated though that I missed out on this by a matter of days, but thats the world of PC components.

    All that said, after reading even more reviews today on both cards, the MSI appears a solid choice - I can't find a bad word about it. Some just say its not as quiet as the Asus, but I can deal with that.
  8. Im sure even not being as quiet as the asus its still very quiet.
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