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If I go with the 670 it will be the evga ftw sig 2 but I was also looking at possibly getting a 7970 since apparently since the last driver update they fixed a lot of issues and right now you get Crysis 3 and Bioshock inf included. My problem is I wouldnt know which 7970 to get. Any suggestions?
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  1. Check the HIS iceq x2 7970.. I've read some reviews of 7970's and found out that this is the best for performance wise. So I grabbed one 7970 and 7950 iceqx2 for my 2 PCs and very happy with it. Also the iceq x2 cooler is great, runs very cool and very quiet. The only thing is that the cooler is large. Hope you have a decent case.
  2. How much are you willing to spend? If you want the best of the best with respect to 7970 then MSI lightning is you way to go. If you don't want to go that far then grab yourself a Sapphire 7970 vapor-x or XFX black edition 7970.
  3. I was looking at either the his or the sapphire. There both good cards. The msi lightning like hero1 said is also a great card. Just depends on how much money your willing to shell out.
  4. Also I don't know where you are from. If you're from the states then it's good and Canada the same. Why am I saying this? Well Canada computers has a sale going on right now. I'm going to be getting money back because the Asus GTX 670 is on for $40 off plus $20 MIR, thus selling for 369.99. Time to get my money back woohoo. So is a eVGA card too. If I were you, I'd grab one of them or do price match with a store near you. Cheers.
  5. Radeon hd 7970 comes with crysis 3 and bioshock. If you are considering both games, then a radeon hd 7970 is a very good deal. Besides hd 7970 is much faster than gtx 670 and even more so overclocked
  6. AMD 7970s do come with games and if that's the incentive for him then be it. You can also OC GTX 670 and be on par with 7970. It's a matter of choice and I'm trying to help him save money, not just steer him towards one particular brand.
  7. see this review, it goes through several of radeons 7970

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