Battlefild 3 fps issue

im using a amd 7770, i3 3220, 8gb ram, and i run ultra with no AA or Vsync i avg 80 fps at 1278x768 (my monitor sucks) and the 80 fps dont feel like 80. To make this easier its like when it drops to 60fps it feels like 40 fps, 45 fps feels like 25fps unplayable......... when i used my moms 1920x1080 monitor with ultra no AA or Vstnc i avg 47 or 45 fps witch in terms is still very playable in anyother game. but for some reason bf3 fps are cut in half of what they really are.... anyone have this issue :(
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  1. You have to turn v-sync on
  2. Try v-sync man its not the devil. =D If that doesn't fix continue to report back on the issue until a solution is met.
  3. turing t on helped a little but decreaseing fps drops but other then that 60 felt like 45
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