7950 FPS jumps around?

Been debating which card to get: AMD 7950 or Nvidia 670

Even though my 8800 gts 640mb was awesome and I always felt like it had good support driver wise, I figured all the good reviews about the new AMD gpu's, especially with the new driver support, seem like a better deal. So I decided for my next computer I'll be building I'd switch sides to AMD and get a 7950 with Boost which will save me a $$ over the 670 plus apparently it has an edge in the benchmarks department.

But the more research I do the more I read that AMD cards are still known to have issues like FPS jumping around.

Like in the first review of this card (which seems to be a sick deal btw):

Should I be concerned? Or just stick with Nvidia for a better peace of mind?
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  1. yes 7950 would be a good deal with the games they offer. If you play them good otherwise sell them on ebay & enjoy at lower card cost.
  2. They are definitely making better drivers now and there isn't such a gap between AMD and nVidea any more, AMD is currently working and latency between rendered frames which is what cause frame rate jumps/drops generally, in all honesty I would buy a AMD card because I believe it is the best value at the moment and I don't think that these frame jumps are noticeable, which is also what that amazon review said. Unless you are really worried about the driver issues (their really not that bad :P) and would prefer to be secure with nVidea I think you won't be dissapointed with AMD. Hope that helped
  3. so far so good with my msi 7950 ;)
  4. Not really concerned about the games that may come with my next gpu tbh.

    The main concern is really this: The stability issues may barely be existent now, but what about in the near future? Would be awful to not be able to play the next generation of games...

    Although the funny thing about all this is that I'm not as much of a gamer as I used to be. The game I'm most looking forward to is Marvel Heroes which won't be that graphic intensive. But who knows, maybe I'll get back into a FPS that will require a beafy gpu? I just want to be prepared with a stable card that will properly be supported for its entire life span...
  5. I ordered that exact Sapphire card from amazon monday. Going to pair it with my current Sapphire 7950 OC Edition for crossfire. I've been more than happy with my current 7950 alone. It runs every game you can throw at it near or at max settings. I've had it for about 8 months and while I've never had any driver issues, performance wise they have made improvements with each new driver, theres no reason they wont continue to in the future. Even if they did release a driver that may not be the best for the game/configuration you're running you can always go back to one of the previous drivers that worked well for you.
  6. Thanks, AdioKIP.

    Do you ever experience this FPS inconsistency / jumping that many speak of?
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