GTX680 SLI 2D surround problem with BF3


whenever i play BF3 on 2D surround 5760x1080 my PC crashed (kernel power error event ID 41)
I am kinda worried it is PSU problem

my spec is:
2x GTX 680 - stock - SLI
i5 3570K
16Gb ddr3
Corsair AX850 - heard it is more then enough for GTX 680 sli

Any ideas how to solve this? Or where the problem is?

I tried:
Borderlands 2 - worked like a charm
Guildwars 2 -worked like a charm
Planetside 2 - not really perfect for surround but worked quite well with both GPUs at about 75 degrees

haven't really tried many more games since i am BF3 fan and pretty much bought the second GPU to run it in surround

so after another testing here's what I found out:

single monitor (1920x1080)
CPU usage around 76%
CPU temp. 56 degrees

GPU1 usage 56% and around 76-80 degrees in temp.
GPU2 usage 46% and around 60-75 degrees in temp.

surround (with bezel 5990x1080)

results are pretty much the SAME +- 5 degrees in temp.
and GPU's usage + around 10% and CPU pretty much the same

so it does look like the GPU's are struggling with the power provided by the PSU and shuts down (gameplay goes normally for about 30 sec than FPS stars to drop and some graphical glitches/anomalities appear and than the drivers crash and the monitors goes to standby while the PC keeps running and I have to do hard reset)

any ideas?
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