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current system
i53330 cpu with deepcool 400 cooler
msi h77g43 motherboard
8gig Kingstone Hyperx ram
500w psu (can upgrade if needed)
theraltake versa ii case (6fans)
ocz agility 3 120gb Primary drive
1tera Secondary
Mercer 23inch monitor @ 1024x768

Good day all ,looking forward to tour advice,is it worth upgrading from a gigabyte gtx650ti to a Gigabyte hd7950?here are the links

cause u can pick up the 7950 for R1500 ($170) NEW
just want you personal opinions if i should get it?
thanks a lot guys!!!
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  1. way overkill for your monitor resolution, but sure if you're willing to spend on it. personally, i'd go with a 7870/660 and a 1920x1080 or 1600x900 monitor if that's an option.
  2. opps my bad im sorry :sarcastic: meant to to write 1920 x 1080 60hz, i have the 650ti and was not going to get a new card but some is selling the 7950 Brand new(replacement) so if its not worth it in your opinion i wont get the 7950,thanks hazle!!!
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    for that price I'll get the 7950. It is worth it man with that resolution and price. You'll max today's games and will have room for future games than 660/7870 and 650 ti ofcourse.

    That's like $100 cheaper! If I were you I'll get it. Perfect for your system. 650 ti for your system is gpu bottleneck.
  4. i was assuming that the 7950 was going to cost an extra $170, but if the actual price is $170, and you just so happen to have the money and want the performance, you'd be an idiot not to buy it.

    i don't know where or who you're buying from, but i'd take a closer look and ask questions before finalizing the transaction.
  5. thanks very much for the reply guys yeah i got it and happy with it,it was only a week old and has a three year warranty with the supplier!the guy just wanted to get rid of it cause he upgraded.Thank !!!! :D
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