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I work at a computer shop fixing computers. Here is my delima. One of my business customers need a network set up a certain way.

They have two XP computers right now. Their internet connection is wireless through a Verizon Mifi. They also have a crossover cable through the wall so the two computers can share files.

They are going to add a 3rd Windows 7 computer and turn one of those XP computers into a server where all the files they need to access (Quickbooks, etc) will be stored. They do not want the server to have internet access at all. Becuase of the way the building is set up, I need to add a wireless router to the mix. The Mifi will only be for the two client computers to connect to the internet and the other wireless router would be for the two client computers to connect to the server to access their files.

What I'm needing to know it how to set it up right. I tried yesterday to add the wireless router to the mix by having one computer (XP) use one wireless card to access the Mifi with an IP address of and another wireless card to access the wirless router with an IP address of It connected to both perfectly, but then got confused as to which wireless connection to use to access the internet. I've read about how you need to use two different gateway addresses on each to seperate them inside Windows but wanted to make sure that's how I needed to do it before I went out there and tried it.

Time is money, so I'm not wanting to make too many trips to the business to try this and that, and then have to go back again and try different things and everytime I go out not be able to accomplish the job right.

If anyone can direct me in the right direction it will be very helpful. I have looked in other forums and have not been able to find a definite answer.
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  1. How far is new computer 3 (the Win 7) from one (the MiFi connected machine) and two (the XP server), is it in the same room as one of them or in a third room?

    Physically, could you connect the MiFi machine ( to the Windows 7 machine with the cable for Internet access and then place all three on a separate wireless network (
  2. The way it is set up now is the two XP computers both connect to the Mifi through wireless from two seperate rooms.

    They are going to add a new computer (the Win7 computer) and change one XP computer to the server.

    So one XP computer will be a server (no internet access). The other two computers (one XP and one 7 computer) will need internet access through the Mifi, and the three computers will be in three seperate rooms.
  3. You could put all three on wireless, bridge the two networks on one of the machines, and block the server from the Internet through the router. Just be aware that you need good internal security when you bridge a public and private network.
  4. The other problem I ran into, and I posted it in the original post, I had one computer connect to the MIFI and the other router through wireless and the computer got confused as to which wireless connection to use to get to the internet. Is there a way to fix that. Keep in mind that both the MIFI and the router were using the gateway of I have read about how you are supposed to give each router a different Gateway address (ex. one would be and the other and that would fix it. If that's true then I think I have the whole problem taken care of. I just don't want to go out there without knowing that it might actually fix the issue. I don't want to go and guess at how to fix it and not get it done right and have to leave again without getting the job done right again.
  5. No, both networks can have the same subnet mask (that doesn't define the IP address, but rather basically defines how many network connections that network can have), they just need to have a different network address, so both can use subnet mask but they will have a different network, say 192.168.x.1 for the gateway where x defines a distinct network with 254 possible addresses when using that subnet mask -- one network is x=1 and a second network if x=2 and so on.

    You just need to define in the network adapter settings which network has priority for Internet connections on the attached computers.
  6. Don't know why I was thinking Subnet Mask was Gateways (I know better). I think the time change is still messing with me. I'm still tired from the weekend. :-)

    Starting to make more sense now, and I had it set up with two different Gateways, the computer was just confused. Where is it in the network settings that you prioritize which one to use for Internet connections? That was the other thing I thought should work, but couldn't find a setting for it.

    Another thing. Thank you so much for the help you are providing. I posted this on BleepingComputer on Saturday night and still no one has responded back to my post. So thank you very much.
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    Open the network control panel, then adapter settings, then hit the alt key to open the file menu across the top -- select advanced settings and you can prioritize by adapter or connection.
  8. Didn't think to look there. I will be trying that. Thank you so much. It might be a few days before I get over there, but I will let you know. Thank you again. :)
  9. hawkeye1701 said:
    Didn't think to look there. I will be trying that. Thank you so much. It might be a few days before I get over there, but I will let you know. Thank you again. :)
    Sure. I've always thought it a little bit more tricky than it needs to be just to find such useful controls.
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  11. It worked. Thank you very much for your help. I know where to come again if I need anything.
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