560 gtx se 1gb v 7750 2gb

Hi just looked on my favorite parts website ple.com.au and they have a xfx 7750 radeon with 2gb of 128 bit ram for $83 aus, I currently have a 560 gtx se with 1gb of ram 192 bit. The speeds on my 560 are 800mhz graphics and 1601mhz for the processor, the 7750 is rated at 800mhz and 1300mhz, not knowing much else about technical aspects of cards would the 7750 be much of an improvement over the 560. I currently run a 1440 x 900 monitor but in the next week I will be upgrading to a 1920 x 1080 monitor. The main game I play is BF3. Thank you for your help
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  1. 560 would be better what is psu by the way
  2. 650 watt cooler master real power pro
  3. Go for gtx 560.it will work with your psu.
  4. I already have the 560gtx se, just looking for something better on a budget, most people on here tell me the se is basically a crap card, se = suck edition, but it was almost $100 dollars less then the normal 560 when I bought it, been playing BF3 multi with a 4.0ghz FX-6100 and set the graphics to very high and only lag I experience is when my ping shoots up. I'm worried it won't make the grade when I get my higher resolution monitor in the next week. I would love a 660 gtx but out of my budget at the moment, have seen it as low as $220 Australian dollars on ple.com.au. I was more looking at the 2gb on the 7750, most threads on here say 2gb should be the minimum. Any recommendations on a replacement for the se, nvidia is my preference, I like playing around with linux, and most of the games I play are optimized for nvidia
  5. You need atleast hd 7850 for that resolution.
  6. what about in nvidia
  7. what about in nvidia
  8. Well, a GTX660 would be nice, but a GTX650Ti should play well with a few settings lowered.
  9. Just get the GTX 650ti for an Nvidia option.
  10. do I need a 2gb card for 1080 or will a 1gb card do, a 650 ti 1gb is $159 on ple.com.au
  11. With the eye candy on at 1080p the 2gb of Vram would be more helpful.
  12. 1GB is sufficient. 2GB may help if you like to load hi-res textures or play with lots of AA, BUT the Kepler cards have a narrow memory buss (128bit) so high AA will impose a pretty steep performance hit. 2xAA should be fine though.
  13. If there is not much price difference then get 2gb with eyes closed.
  14. Dont buy 7750 nor 650ti. 560se is faster than 7750 and a bit slower than 7770. This means that you need at least an 7850 or a GTX660 in order to have a major improvement in performance. Anything less does not worth buyng. You could also try to find a 560ti or 6950 in discount.
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