Integrated graphics not enabling

even though im setting (enable integrated graphics)also(always enable) in BIOS ,it doesnt working for me,system giving 2 long beeps two times and shutting off. How to enable it? please help me
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  1. How are you getting to the bios if the integrated graphics is not working? Are you using a graphics card?
    Try to reset the bios settings, that should revert the settings to the default. By default integrated graphics is enabled
  2. yes,using the external one, i tried resetting bios by taking out the battery and pressing the power button for a while and also loading default settings in bios. I also updated the bios to latest version. Before the update (USING GRAPHIC CARD) i couldn't even get the display on monitor(cable not connected appears) with out few trails . Like 3-4 times pressing power button . All the things inside running but no output to monitor. On the third or 4th instance its running like a charm. Now i don't have this problem but my integrated graphics remains disabled, what ever setting i made in bios . If i removed the graphic card and started,, 2 long beeps occuring two times and restarting. If you tellme whats the problem is likely to be , i will make it repair or replace because all the things i baught 1 month before.

    NOTE : This problem im facing started after i replaced my 9$ i ball(250watt) smps with 70$ seasonic(430w)..
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