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I read a thread earlier today where a guy was asking if 3D is worth upgrading for. His specs included a HD6000 series card, which took me back to an old confusion of mine how to setup amd 3d?
I know it is stereoscopic 3d and doesnot need glasses, so I'm just gonna need a stereoscopic monitor, but is that is? Is that all I'm gonna need to use 3d? Or is there some other component required too?
I'm only asking this because nVidia has a 3D vision kit, so what amd uses to eliminate the need of this kit or is there something similar that amd uses and I don't know of?

Ive heard some reviews stating that nVidia 3d is better than AMD's, is that true. I've used a nVidia 3d setup for sometime and I didn't quite like it so is the amd 3d even worse?
I experienced 3d on a older generation card of nVidia so is there any improvement on the newer generations?
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  3. It's strange I never stumbled upon that article myself. Thanks a lot for your help.
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