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On 2/1/13 I installed my 2nd Radeon 4890 so now I'm running w/crossfire. I was currently getting avg. 20 - 28 FPS with one radeon 4890 but now I'm avg. 100- 120 fps with 2 Radeon 4890's. I didn't think it was possible to run more then 60 fps. I've owned this system for 2.5 years and never seen this kind of performence out of it. I ran this same setup 1 year ago and didn't see this kind of performence out of it. Anyone have any idea what could have cause the increase in performence. Everything is 100% the same as it was 2.5 years ago.

2x radeon 4890
Phenon II 955 black edition 3.2
Ulta 750w
4g ram
32 bit os
asus M4a78e Mobo
3 x 240 mm
1 x 200 mm
2 x 120 mm
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  1. Improved drivers?
  2. nope same driver that I installed in 2010 that was latest drivers for those cards
  3. So you were running the same drivers 1 year ago, when you did not see the same improvement?
  4. Well as I read your post, I would guess that the addition of the second radeon is the reason...
    Also, windows does updates when it needs to and it may have updated your drivers...
    Are these 2GB cards?
    You might also look at jumping to 64bit os as most of your memory is just lost because 32bit os can't use anything above 4GB...
  5. I checked the drivers and the last update was in Nov 2010. My pc does not install update with out my approving it first.

    And yes I tryed this same setup 1 yr ago with the same hardware that I currently have installed. I seen very little inprovment in performence. Now its 4x faster then it was 1 yr ago.

    I just order $700 in upgrade and now it's like I wasted my money.

    I dont understand how you go from 28 fps with 2x radeon 4890 to 100+ fps. Zero lag super responsive. I don't understand what is causing it to perform so much better.
  6. Did you have your one card in a PCie 1.0 slot or something? IDK.
  7. Well, if the hardware hasn't changed, and the drivers haven't changed that leaves only the software(application) has that changed? either that or you really weren't utilizing the vid cards in crossfire last year like you thought..Something had to change to get that big an improvement..
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