Anything better than Gtx 650 Ti for the price?

I am fairly inexperienced with video cards so I was wondering if there was any video card on the market that beats the Gtx 650 Ti for it's price.

It is 139.99 after rebate and 150 is the absolute most money I have to spend on a card. So is there anything better for less than 150?
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  1. Unless you check on Ebay....that's the best u got...50 dollars you can get a GTX 660 on
  2. There is a 7850 for around 159 after rebate on newegg, but for 150 and under, I couldn't find anything better than the 650 ti.
  3. Nope, 650 TI is the best for the $150 price point unless someone else can find a better sale.
  4. No there isn't, this card is underrated. Superb bang for buck, especially if you don't care about MSAA and play under 1080p, this card is amazing for the price.
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