Anything better than Gtx 650 Ti for the price?

Is there a better graphics card from below the price of the GTX 560 Ti for the price of 150 which is my maximum price I can spend.

Here is the one I found for the price. It is 139.99 after rebate, but I want something better if possible.
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  1. You can get this 650ti on newegg for $140 before rebate
  2. you can buy buy a ASUS HD 7770 which has 2gb DDR5 memory from newegg. I think it will be better than a 1GB 650ti
    the price is $139.99 after $20.00 rebate

    here is the link. Take a look-
  3. No, a 2gb 7770 is pointless, and not better than a 650ti at all.
  4. why 2gb 7770 is pointless ??

    yeah 1gb 650ti is better than a 1gb 7770. and i'm suggesting him a 2GB card. with a core clock speed of 1020MHz and i think 650 Ti features a clock speed of 928 MHz. isnt it ?
  5. Clock speed isn't everything. The 650ti is generally stronger than a 7770. I wouldn't pay more for a 7770 than a 650ti. The ram might slow it down because of its low memory bit.
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