Will an HD7950 be bottlenecked by my CPU?

Long time reader, first time poster. Looking for some second opinions.

This is my system as is stands now:

Zalman Z11 case
EVGA Super Cooler
Intel Xeon X3450 Engineering Sample (4 core - 8 threads) @ 3.7ghz HT on, Turbo disabled
8GB Corsair Ballistix Tactical at 1600 with 9-9-9-24 timings
OCZ Agility3 60GB OS drive
300GB Seagate Spinner
FSP Aurum Gold 750w PSU
40" Toshiba HDTV 1080p/60hz as primary monitor

Would I be better off upgrading to a new Z77 Mobo with an Ivy Bridge i5 and keeping my current GTX295 for while or simply upgrading to an HD7950 and waiting for the next best thing from Intel or AMD?

No fan boys here please. I have no problem with Intel/AMD CPU's or Nvidia/AMD GPU's. I'll go for whatever makes the most sense for my situation. This is a 90% gaming machine, no rendering or encoding is done on this PC besides the rare encoding of a movie or two.
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  1. ttt
  2. No question about bottleneck with xeon cpu.go and get hd 7950.
  3. So you're saying my CPU should be fine ASHISH65? I just wasn't sure if the SB/IB architecture with a locked dual core CPU was a huge performance bump over an overclocked Lynnfield quad.

    So, CPU's good, go for the HD7950?
  4. dredwulf said:


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