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Looking for some advice on a new graphics card for my daughters PC. The one she had recently died so i am thinking about getting somthing a step or two up from it caveot being that it needs to fit the mother board and case and i dont want to spend more than $100 I am more than willing to buy a used / reman card:

here is the computer:

updated to 4GB ram

I have updated this with a 500 watt power supply .. here:

here is the card that died:

any help would be much appriciated
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  1. I have edited the post to include power supply upgrade and better link to the PC

  2. Best gpu is hd 7750 under $ consumes very less power and it is new gen gpu.
  3. buy a HP GTX 630.
    it has 2 GB DDR3 memory. and the price is 100$

    here is the link-
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