Hi,need internet in shop 150 feet away tin walls

we have wireless in the ouse and need it in the office in the shop,I can not pull a signal from the house only if i have the laptop in the window and only get one or two bars. what are my options, we have phone line 1 and 2 running to the shop under ground from the house,and the internet stuff in in the house
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  1. Hi
    If you can get at least two bars on the laptop then you could probably use a wireless extender. It will connect to the home router and extent the signal to store area. You will have to place it where it can get the strongest signal though.

    What kind of router are you using?
  2. Ok the long explanation, I let my house go, i bought an RV,and i rent a spot in the country from my sister and bro in law(so this is there prop i am speaking of), I have a 2500.00 mac book pro,and she runs window based PC and the antenna are not very good on them,where my motor home is parked is west of the house about 150 feet away i get full bars.
    but if i go to the North side of the acreage from the house where the shop and office i get one bar in the office holding the mac up to a window.
    the dsl and router is on the south side the house,and cant be moved.so i sit in a good area to get good single in my motor home.
    we do not want to use a antenna I mentioned that and it was a no. is there a way to use line one or two, going in to the shop to get internet. like with some type hardware from a computer stor.
    in the summer were going to add in some wisbo line for heating the house and will bury some cat 5 in the trench going between the house and shop, but need an answer now. the phone CO want to hook up another dsl box and a separate charge of course
  3. You have two options to do what you want, but you will have to use an antenna in the RV for both I'm afraid.
    If I understand correctly you can't use cables from your sisters place to the RV?

    1. Use a wireless extender, installed in the RV to extend the signal from the house to the RV and also to the store. This will strengthen the signal in the RV and add a little boost to the store's signal also.

    2. Use a wireless bridge, installed in the RV to pick up the signal from the house. Bridges have ethernet ports, so you can then connect a cable between the bridge and store/office.
  4. YOUR NOT FELLING NE BRAH,it is NOT for ME or my motor home i get full bars. it is for in the SHOP,for my sister and bro in laws office,and they do not want to use and antenna,but would like to come off the exciting phone line that is running underground between the house and shop. i gave my LONG story to let ya all know i get full bars with my mac and they do not with there cheaper pc,apparently this is to difficult for anyone on here i will search else where
  5. If they have phone lines in from the house to the shop running underground, why don't they just move the router to the shop!?
  6. cuz they need internet in the house . and to do the shop the PHone co want to add a dsl box and charge another 50 per month the same 50 per month as the house for a total of 100 per month
  7. Your only hope for sharing the connection to the shop is an antenna at best (until you have cables installed). But since you can't use an AP, router or bridge I'm afraid there is no other way this can be done.
    Sorry I couldn't help.
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