ASUS G1S Problem

I bought used ASUS G1S before 3 weeks and it was working fine first 7, 8 days. Next day ,when i tried to turn it on, Display didnt working. I left it to turn on and it turned on just fine without display. I tried to Plug in Extern monitor, Take out RAM and puting it back in different orders, Start with AC power, without AC, with battery without, I tried every possible combination and didnt work.
When i hand it in service i saw that he turn it on some how without AC and with extern monitor, several times he take out RAM and put it back. I have NVidia GeForce 9800M GT. Sorry for my bad english. :)

I have 2 + 1 GB RAM (2 gb is some samsung and 1 gb is "Memory solution")
Core 2 duo 2.5 MHz
This NVidia
320 HDD
OS Windows 7 2009
One time when i was in game appered Blue screen. It was dumping physical memory.
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  1. Can anyone help?
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