Is reference radeon hd 7970 oc to 1000 mhz equal to radeon hd 7970 ghz edition?

Hi friends.
I need all ur response on this matter. The reference hd 7970 is $60 - $70 cheaper than the hd 7970 ghz edition. So, shall I opt for the ghz edition or go with normal one and oc it to 1000mhz? What are the benefits of the ghz edition? Does the reference hd 7970 @ 1000mhz perform similar as the ghz edition? What about the difference in memory speeds (reference hd 7970 at 5600mhz and ghz edition at 6000mhz)? Will it have any effect on performance? I will play games at full hd and my psu is corsair vs650. So, plz answer me which is a better deal.
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  1. At full HD either will do fine
    I play full HD on my 7850 (half as powerful as 7970) albeit only at high settings and little AA
    The ghz edition has a minor boost phase over 1000mhz (iirc) which may help if you never plan to OC the cards

    The ghz edition is also better binned and will run a bit cooler when at the same clock as the normal 7970 and can OC further generally. Some facotry OC cards by certain vendors have been selected for their binning as well (but not all) which means they may OC just as well as the ghz edition (but won't have the boost bios)

    While the 7970ghz is the fastest single gpu on market, the 7970 will preform really close to it and as you have mentioned for quite a bit cheaper
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