USB connection between NAS and streaming media player

I have a Sony SMP-N100 streaming media player that I'd like to attach my old Buffalo Gigabit Linkstation (HD-HG400LAN) NAS via the USB ports that are available on each device. They each have USB A female ports, so I need a USB cable with A-male connectors on each end, right?

Should it work? Documentation seems to indicate it will, but finding the cable wasn't easy. After going through my house on an exhaustive search I came up empty-handed. I found them online to buy but I guess there are special file transfer cables & then just regular cables. Nothing in the documentation, or Google searches, gives me a clue.

Anyone here know? Thanks!

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  1. I don't know that such a connection will work for that, but the cable you need is a simple usb extension cable -- they come in many lengths, like this 3 foot:
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