Lexmark 3500-4500- paper feed not sucking paper through say out of paper though

Faulty paper feed
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  1. Hello sibiyah;

    Not a Windows 7 issue.......sorry.
  2. Grab said printer, toss printer like javalin.
  3. At least he didnt say 'Get a typewriter'
  4. WR2 said:
    At least he didnt say 'Get a typewriter'

    Haha. Although at this point a typewriter would be more useful :)

    You might be able to get a Lexmark repair kit....those rollers that feed the paper normally wear out after so much use. You might have to contact lexmark for them.
  5. Lexmark Wheelwriter 3500 Typewriter

    I'd forgotten what a typewriter looked like.
  6. Leading cause of paper feeding issues is debris / foreign objects that accidentally fell into the paper feed area. Please try this approach to fix the problem:

    1. Remove the sheets of paper from the feeder.
    2. Grab a flashlight and look inside the feeder for any debris or foreign objects.
    3. If you're willing and physically able, you may also carefully turn the printer over. Any debris should just freely roll out from the feeder.
    4. If feeder is clear, place the printer on the table. Open the printer cover and remove the cartridges.
    5. Check the cartridge area for any obstructions in the paper path.
    6. Close the printer cover.
    7. Re-brick your printer by pulling out the power supply - the black box where the power cord is plugged into. Re-plug after 30 seconds.
    8. When the printer turns on, reinsert the cartridges and load some paper. Try to print again to verify that the problem is fixed.
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