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I was wandering which is the best video card for my old pc. My motherboard is asus p4pe, agp 4x, 2gig ram, pentium4, windows Xp?
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  1. Radeon HD 4670.

    Not exactly inexpensive for the performance you get compared to PCI-e graphic cards, but if you don't wanna upgrade your current PC...
  2. Your pentium 4 will massively bottleneck you
  3. Thanks for your replies. I actually ended up calling asus and they mentioned the 4670 would not be able to run on my p4pe as it can only handle 1.5V which this card was higher. I ended up with the geforce 6200. hope it is enough for my purpose. I'm not a gamer, just surf the net, work use and watch videos and movies (HD or not)...
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    If you've bought I would consider a HD3450/HD3650 since that will accelerate h264 videos while the Geforce 6200 will not [personally tried it out myself on my old p4 build]
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