Sapphire Radeon 5770 Vapor-X Artifacts

Aloha All and Mahalo in advance!

Moved the card from one unit to another, and now there are a ton of artifacts in all 3D games/benchmarks. It looks like 2D works fine. And yes I was grounded when doing the switch. Any ideas?

Images from Skyrim (Default High Resolution)::
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  1. What is the make/model of power supply in the second rig? Typically, these issues are heat/power related.
  2. Thanks for the fast response. PS is a Antec Neo-HE 500 watt. And here are the temps::
  3. Are you overclocking the GPU and are your drivers current?
  4. Catalyst 13.1 and most recent DirectX. No OC.
  5. also try with the latest beta 13.2 beta 5... it is the only game with artifacts?
  6. BF3 does it and so does 3DMark 11. 3DMark also shows what I suspect is post-processing errors. I'm guessing they are supposed to be lens flares and blur, but is just shows a ton of blue on the screen. FTL runs fine.

  7. Your temps look very good. This may be a hardware failure. It sucks, but tends to happen from time to time. Is the card in warranty by any chance?
  8. Unfortunately no. I actually scraped this machine together from a machine that was donated to me for a Senior Center, and some spare parts I had laying around. Believe it or not, they are big into games. The card was working fine as an external for a laptop, but when I put it in the desktop it started throwing the artifacts. The donated machine was missing the graphics card so I threw it in along with the better PS. The only hardware issue, besides bad card, I can see now is that the MB is an nVidia based board. Possible driver conflict with AMD/ATI card? Mahalo for any input!

    While running OCCT test, noticed a spike in Temp...66C...will try to get it lower later. There is a Razer AC-1 card I added as well, which is right next to the graphics card, I will remove and try to improve airflow. I will also take out and check the video card again, maybe remove the cooler and re-grease it.
  9. I am sure my reference 5770 ran hotter then that.

    You could try to drop the clock speeds a bit(core and mem) to see if it helps. This can buy some more time when a cards memory or core are starting to fail.
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