Can I install windows onto a diferent drive letter/drive?


Im building a new system.

I have a new copy of windows y 64 bit ultimate.
I currently use w7 64 home premium and it is on C drive and the drive is a sata 2 drive.
But when I build my new system I want to install onto a new drive which is sata 6.0 and I have made a partition on that drive (letter M) for the O/S to be installed onto ( ive allowed 150Gb ).

So my question is when I build my system and am ready to install w7 can I install onto drive M on the new sata 6.0 drive?

I will unplug the old boot drive as I understand windows will boot to that if I dont unplug it, then when I have installed new O/S on the new drive, partition "M", I will plug it back in and format the old boot drive.

So then windows will boot to drive/partition M, if that works, and C drive will just become a data drive.

I understand I probably will have to do some messing in bios, so any help with that will be good.

this will be my 1st build but I am not to bad with computers and have changed cpu's/HD's/gpu's/fans etc etc. but not mobo's and cases. And never changed a O/S onto another drive with a different boot drive letter.

any help is appreciated.#


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  1. Uh ohhhhhhh.......
  2. I think the answer to most of your questions is: Yes.

    I don't think you'll need to do any 'messing in BIOS' beyond changing the boot order of the drives.
    Where you going for some type of dual boot option?

    Have you thought about moving over in the Storage forum and asking your question there?
  3. Hi,

    thanks for your answer.
    no what i am doing is building a new system.

    I have a system and will be using the cpu ( i7 870 )/GPU and the 2 drives, one is sata 2 and one is sata 6.0.
    at mo O/S is on the sata 2 drive \C. But when I build new system the new mobo is sata 6.0 so I want to put O/S onto my sata 6.0 drive I have partitioned a 150 GB drive on the sata 6.0 and formatted it. That is what I want to install w7 on, when new system is built.
    I understand I will have to unplug the old drive with o/s on it so it dont boot straight to that, then I will format that old sata 2 drive.

    so in simple terms when I build and put together my new system i will have a drive with a partition with the drive letter of \M so can I install the new windows onto that. in other words does windows have to be installed onto \c drive or can it be installed onto any drive/d/e/f/g/h..... as long as it is a clean formatted drive with enough space?


  4. That will work fine, just remove the old C drive, replace with the M drive and install your copy of Windows 7 on it. Then you can replace the old C: and use it as a secondary drive or dual boot to it.
  5. Hi :)

    When you disconnect your old will see your new drive and install onto your new drive as C...

    All the best Brett :)
  6. Hi :)

    Oops forgot to WANT it to install on a drive called C anyway as "some" programs and games will NOT install on a drive thats NOT called C....

    All the best Brett :)
  7. Hi,
    so just to confirm I will be unplugging the old \c drive untill new O/S is installed on new drive ( WD 500Gb 7200 sata 6.0 ).
    but the new drive already has data on one partition and then has another nothing on it and is 150GB in size and got a drive letter of /m, and has been formatted so is clean and ready for new O/S to go on.

    So when windows installs to that drive will it ask what letter drive/drive I want to install to? Actually the WD sata 6.0 will be the only drive in the system connected at the time but I want windows to install onto the new partition on that wd drive ( \m drive ), I dont mind if it renames it to \c drive, that will be great.

    So is this capable, and if so will it change the drive letter from \m to \c?

    If not then I shall back up what is on the other "in-use" partition on the WD sata 6.0 500 GB drive and then just format the whole drive and install windows onto it and let it assign the letter \c drive to it. Then I shall partition it so that I have 150GB for windows and apps/programs, and then on other partition I will use for data.

    Then the older seagate sata 2 500 GB drive that I am using on this machine I will plug back in and format it as normal.

    I was gonna install O/S onto a ssd but I hear so many scary story's of them being unstable and you having to update firmware and change registry values etc etc, that I just didnt bother. Hopefully a O/S running off a sata 6.0 drive on a mobo that supports sata 6.0 will make the O/S/apps and programs faster any way.

    so out of the 2 scenarios what do you think is the best way to go?

    but good to know that windows will install onto any drive letter and change it to \c hopefully, by the way will windows always change a instal drive letter ( \m for example |) to \c drive? That would be idea\l.


  8. awesome guys/girls.

    been great help and wish ya the best.

  9. I jjust wanna add that I have 3 fans with male and female molex connectors, They do how ever split into 3/4 pin connectors which IO gather will fit onto mobo, right/
    do they fit into

    so do I use the molex and connect to the peripheral connectors from psu or do I disconnect the molex parts and use the 3/4 pin connectors to fit straight onto mobo, will that work and will the inputs for the 3/4 pin connectors be there pon mobo?

    I have also ordered a pvm ( I think its called that ) splitter, so it fits to a molex and then has 3/4 pin connectors to go onto mobo, then the opposite sex molex will fit to psu I guess.

    am I right in thinking all this and what is best way to go.

    I want mobo to control fan speeds and don't wanna use speedfan dfor example.



    PS: sorry for off topic but had to ask.
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