GPU load varies a lot in games.. 7950

Just my 7950 today and been playing around with it.
I just noticed something strange - in SC2, GPU usage is quite low, around 30-70%, despite not having constant 60 fps. And in WoW the GPU usage is higher when just standing still than when there's actually a lot going on. For instance, I just did Sha of Anger and FPS was 20-40 during the fight, with GPU load at like 40%. After the raid when just standing around i get over 100 fps and GPU usage is in the high 90s.
Is the card throttling or something? Temps were low, also VRM ones so I can't really figure it out.
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  1. From what I've seen Nvidia cards react better with Blizzard games. Also, what does the rest of your system look like. World of Warcraft is more dependent on CPU/Hard Drive performance believe it or not. Graphically you don't need much.

  2. 2500k at 4.2GHz
    Gigabyte GA-Z68AP3
    8 GB of RAM
    Gigabyte 7950 WF3
    550W PSU (408W on 12V rail)
    Win7 64bit
    500GB 7200rpm HDD

    I would think that during graphics intensive situations (like a raid) the GPU is going to be stressed a lot. If the CPU were the bottleneck, wouldn't I experience low FPS all the time?
  3. Your system looks good you are running the same processor I did when I played as well as the same overclock. I have a 670 though a 1 TB western digital black and a Samsung 830. I found a SSD really helped things for me in WoW. Do you have all the settings maxed out? Do you have Vsync turned on? What resolution do you run at?
  4. The CPU is doing all the calculations and what not - so having a lot of people on screen is more CPU intensive. But the FPS you are reporting are low for that system.
  5. Derza there have been a few people throughout the forums who have experienced less then crazy frames in WoW with a AMD card. I really feel it has something to do with it. However, in MMO's typically they are more CPU/HDD bound. Before quitting WoW prior to MoP I was getting around 100-120 FPS with a similar setup to his and a GTX670
  6. Yea I get 50-60 FPS with all settings on max with my GTX 680 @ 6040x1200 res.
  7. Right but you are spanning your screens no? That looks like a 3 possibly 4 screen layout.
  8. I'm running at 1080p. I just played some Crysis 3 where GPU load was at 99% pretty much all the time, so perhaps it's application related.
    I'll have to do some more testing, but it doesn't seem as though my system is lacking.
  9. Yea its 3 1920x1200 monitors 6040x1200 is with bezel correction otherwise 5760x1200.
  10. Your system isn't there are just some applications that draw more from certain resources then others.
  11. Yea makes sense. I played BF3 earlier completely maxed out and the lowest FPS I got was like mid 50s. Crysis 3 still screws me over, but I guess that's just because it's Crysis. It's just annoying that WoW doesn't provide the same satisfying experience that other games do. Guess I'll need to tinker with graphics settings, because it seems to primarily afflict the Pandaria zones; even LFR gets me a solid 50-70 FPS most of the time, even during boss fights.
  12. Well Crysis is Crysis at the moment because its a game that hasn't been released yet and optimizations will occur over time with that game from both camps Nvidia and AMD.

    I understand the frustration I guess the only things I would point towards are maybe looking into a ssd as a boot drive or to place the game on itself something in the 128 gigabyte range. Also how fast is your internet. I have myself 50 down 30 up.
  13. I've considered an SSD, but it's such a bother re-installing everything.
    My internet is actually pretty crappy, I get ~500KB/s download speeds, but my latency is always in the 30-50ms range.
  14. Eeek! Is that dsl? It's not to bad to back things up and start over. The only thing i really hate with WoW in particular is adjusting your UI again/addons. I'd say at some point if you find the time to take the plunge but that's up to you.
  15. Well, I did just splurge 300 euro on a GPU, so I better resist the urge to upgrade further. Most of my system is less than a year old.
  16. Ah I gotcha you have more discipline then I do. Yea I would just sit on your system then. If anything your game still flows just fine you may have drops but nothing to the extent of it being non playable.
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