Graphics Card Causes Boot Loop

I installed an ATI Radeon 5450 graphics card into my desktop a while ago, since I have installed this I have had trouble booting, the PC would turn on, restart 5-7 times (haven't counted) before booting properly.
I have removed the graphics card and the system seems to boot fine again. The only thing that confuses me is that the graphics card seems to work fine!!

I have run the bootlog and found the following line:
Did not load driver @oem81.inf,%amd68f9.34%;ATI Radeon HD 5450

The graphics card driver is up to date and installed by AMD vision centre

Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. Possible that your card is damaged. Are you using the most up to date version of CCC. Also what does the rest of your setup look like.

    GPU: ATi HD5450

    If you have a store bought computer please provide the following:
    Company Name:
    Model #:
  2. Does the machine reboot after the bootloader (windows) has taken over, or does it reboot before it finishes POST?
  3. I would have thought if it was damaged that the card wouldnt work at all, even after a successful boot.
    I don't have another desktop to try it in at the moment, was thinking of getting a new one, this one is kinda outdated and slow now
    Was meant to add this info before!

    CPU: AMD Athlon 64 Dual Core 4800+
    MOBO: Biostar GF7025 - M2
    RAM: 4GB DDR2 (2 x 2GB 800Mhz)
    GPU: ATi HD5450
    PSU: 750W
    OS: Windows 7 Pro x 64

    PC was bought as a barebone and upgraded. I did originally think that the fact the graphics card was DDR3 could have been an issue with an older MOBO, searched google and found nothing.

    It reboots before it finishes POST.

  4. Your video cards ram will have no bearing on things. If by eliminating your card things run into no issues then the issue is with the card. That is why I think its damaged and if its time for you to upgrade your card that could be a option as well. You can also try the card on a different system.

    Maybe not the same issue as yours but I had a sound card once that just flat out died on me and every time I would start up I would get a restart it would BSOD me and restart. Got a new card and gone.
  5. Thanks, I wasn't sure if it was but I wasn't sure what else it could have been.. I have had the card for a while and should have really sent it back straight away.
    I was thinking of going for a new system but don't use my desktop enough anymore to warrant the cash, I have expensive taste.

    I guess they are the only things to try so I will mark this thread as solved and keep running as I am at the moment.

  6. You and me both man! Once you start spending on a computer your wallet remains open till you go broke :P

    Well if your card isn't working and it causes reboot after reboot that isn't good. You do have the latest driver updates yes? It's hard to have something with a answer and have it not be solved in some way.
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