XFX HD 6970 GPU stuttering (single card)

I've read about the crossfire setups and stuttering problems, but how about single cards?

My Questions:
1) Is the GPU I bought on Ebay bad? Do I need to update it's software? or firmware? or whatever. This card has a lifetime warranty so I will try to RMA it.

2) Now that I know what I'm looking for, I noticed my card is micro-stuttering but not on the level as the Ebay card. This card, I can't RMA. It only has a 1 year warranty and it is out of warranty now. Purchased it from Newegg. They went from lifetime warranty to 1-year? wow.

I already own a XFX HD6970. I purchased a 2nd XFX 6970 on ebay with plans to crossfire. Everything seemed to work okay with my card. I removed it and installed the one I purchased on ebay just to make sure it was working (single card setup).
(both cards are same revision)

I also upgraded my cpu from I5 2500k to I7 2700k as well as my PSU.

Issue #1:
I started my pc and and everything seemed fine until I started watching any video and/or gaming. There was "crackling" and "stuttering" in all audio. It sounded like a wavering cassette tape (for those who used those ;) ). When I tried to play games, terrible stuttering and freezing. Not micro-stutter. Worse.
I removed the GPU I bought from Ebay and put my GPU back in. Problem went away.

Issue #2:
I never noticed any stuttering or micro-stuttering with my original GPU until I started playing Codemasters F-1 game. When you're talking about tenths, hundredths or thousandths of a second determining pole position, the stuttering can be an aggravating problem. What it looks like to me is a car driving down the track...instantly, the graphics makes the car stop and go back a few yards...then the video continues again.

I've posed my questions above.

Again, this is a single card setup. I haven't tried to crossfire them yet.
I play my F-1 game in eyefinity. The video settings are windowed mode and auto detect graphics level.

Using speedfan controls, I keep my GPU temps at or below 70C when gaming. So, I don't think it's a temperature issue.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

CPU: I7 2700K
Mobo: P8P67
RAM: Corsair Vengeance (blue)
HDD: WD Black
GPU: XFX HD 6970
PSU: 1050W Seasonic
Monitors: 3 x 23" Asus gaming monitors
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    Sounds like there may have been some degredation in the card you bought, possibly from ESD.
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