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GTx 660 ti ftw

I am looking at a EVGA Geforce GTX 660ti ftw Signature2 card

Is it worth it? Any suggestions on another card not over $300?

Kinda the reason I don't want it because it costs a lot more then what I wanted to pay.
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  1. Worth is something only YOU can determine.

    The GTX660ti FTW signature ($290 after rebate) is very good.
    If budget is the issue, look for a non FTW or superclocked version.
    You will get fair value for your money at every price point

    Or... look at the GTX660 superclocked for $220
  2. Yeah I know I just wanted another opinion but really I only wanted to spend 250 or so if it's any more then that then I'll have to keep saving. I liked that card because it can play BF3 on ulta with good frames and I wanted to play metro 2033 and planet side 2 and dota 2 with 30 40+ frames
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    geofelt: The GTX660ti FTW signature ($290 after rebate) is very good.

    You could compromise and get the EVGA Geforce GTX660 FTW SIG2, 2GB GDDR5 Newegg has it for $239.99. Which will run BF3, Metro 2033, PlanetSide 2, and Dota 2 oh high or ultra no problem.
  4. Hmm well I never considered that hah but how should the fps be? I would try to SLI or crossfire but my board can't :/
  5. Well I ran 3D Mark benchmark: Firestorm (for high performance gaming PCs) on my EVGA GTX650 1GB and scored a mediocre 1733, maxed out about 12fps graphics test, 22fps on physics test, and a measly 5fps on the combined test. But it does run Fallout:NV on ultra settings flawlessly. I'm awaiting my GTX660 FTW 2GB in the mail, when I get it I'm going to run the Extreme Firestorm bench and hopefully it scores much better.

    And as far as SLI goes, I've never had a multi-GPU system but I've always heard that a great single GPU usually blows any multi-GPU set-up of any lesser spec individually out of the water. But I'm sure you'll upgrade your mobo eventually, most all gaming style boards have at least 2 x16 slots, mine has 3 and only using 1 so far. I feel like I'm wasting potential but we'll both get there eventually hopefully after less games have so many bugs with SLI.
  6. Yeah I was looking at a few firestorm benchies earlier and it was taking some pretty powerful cards to get decent frames. I hope to get the BIOSTAR TA990FXE board eventually so I can sli and such, I hope we both get there ^^.

    But I might hold off and wait until you get yours and see what you get running with it do you know when you might get it? I don't quite have the money yet any ways so it wont be a big deal to wait, I probably wont have enough until this weekend or next week some time not sure yet
  7. It shipped this morning so I hoping to get it before Sunday. But when I do get it, a benchmark is what I'm doing first thing after I fire it up. I will definitely post my results.
  8. That will be awesome ^^ another thing I wanted to ask right fast which card? If you had to pick?

    GTX 660 ftw evga one or this
  9. Well if I were to choose i would still get the EGVA GTX660 FTW 2GB SIG2 over the Radeon HD 7870 MYST. But they are very comparable, it just depends on your priorities for the card, what you need more of; GPU speed or memory speed. The GTX has a core clock of 1072MHz and a boost clock of 1137MHz, when the Radeon HD has a core clock of 925MHz and a boost clock of 975MHz, so the GTX should preform better. But the Radeon HD has 256 bit memory interface, the GTX only runs 192 bit so the Radeon should preform faster.
  10. gtx660Ti you should go for. closer to 670.
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  12. Diabedo message me about the benchies when you do them please
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