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I have a GIGABYTE Radeon HD 7850 1Gb GPU and i can't get a display to show up on my t.v. im using hdmi. I noticed the fans on the GPU aren't moving when everything is powered up. I have a 600w PSU and have it set to 230v everything else is running(CPU Fan, 6 120mm Fans, and Front LED Light.). This is my first build and first time trying to turn it on. Can someone help!?!? Thanks!!!!
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  1. If the GPU fans do not run then there is a problem. Does your motherboard have onboard video? If so, try it.

    The GPU likely needs a separate power connector, is it plugged in?
  2. The mobo doesnt have onboard graphics, ad i had the 6pin power cord plugged in. It didnt work in PCIe Slot 1 or 2.....
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    are you in a country that uses 220v power if your in the us the red switch is in the wrong setting. if your mb has built in video pull the gpu and see if the system is posting. most time on first build you forget to use the standoffs and or the mb is grounding out or you forget to plug in the pci power 4/8 plug port on your mb.
  4. I have the setting on 230v im in the U.S. I noticed my cards fans started to hesitate to turn they turned about an inch then wiggle back and forth a little.
  5. Fixed it. Why was it set on 230v at stock? Is my pc okay now???? Thank you very much.
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