Games keep crashing

I have a gaming pc with pretty good specs, but for some reason when i try running games it starts the game but immediately goes to the windows desktop or just stays as a black screen. This has just started happening today, but assassins creed 3 would always crash after 5 min of game play even before today. I made sure all the drivers are updated and i just don't know what to do anymore. :(

CPU=intel i5 3570k
GPU=nvidia gtx 660ti
ram=corsair vengeance 8gb
Mobo=Asus p8 z77 v
PSU=xfx 550w
2 ssd's in raid 0
Bios has almost all stock settings, no overclocking
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  1. Hello... can you load a previous RESTORE POINT... and check results?
  2. That seemed to have fixed it, but assassins creed wont even start. it just stays at a black screen when i open it
  3. Hello... un-install... reboot... re-install, said program... Reboot.
  4. I think you have to change the specs of your computer maybe your application requires a different or higher specs.
  5. mine did that i didn't have the monitor for the res for the game
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    make sure you have all the mb bios update for your mb.
    P8Z77-V BIOS 1805
    is the last bios update and have updates for cpu and ram code.
    in the bios make sure under ai tuner the dram speed you have it set to xmp profile so your ram running at the max speed.
    check to see if you installed the LucidLogix Virtu MVP Software. it causes issues because it tries to bond the intel ipgpu with a gpu for faster frames in games..the software tech is to buggy it should never have been places/sold. check that your monitor is on the gpu and not on the onboard video card. make sure you installed the newest intel chipset drivers and the june update for direct-x. also for the realtek sound card the newest driver is 2.7 on there web page. you also want to install msi afterburner and set a fan profile. there is a bug glitch with nvidia video drivers and when the gpu fan spins up to cool the gpu down. if the fan does not ramp up quickly with the heat of the game load then your gaming rig going to lock up or drop to the desktop.
    I would check your ps 12v leg see if there one or two and it amps and voltage rating. see if with your high end gpu card your close to the 12v rail max output. you may be pulling more power then the ps can give you. i would also download hardware monitor watch your cpu and gpu temps..make sure there fine. when you go to bed..boot off of a hirem boot cd or usb stick and run memtest overnight. make sure your ram is fine.
  7. *My main suspect is your GRAPHICS CARD unfortunately. If you can TEST it in a different PC with an adequate graphics card that would be ideal.

    Verify RAM:

    1. MEMORY:
    Run MEMTEST ( ) or start the memory diagnostic program in Windows 7 (type "memory" into the Start Menu then click "Windows Memory Diagnostic" and reboot.

    If your RAM has serious issues errors will show up in seconds, although OTHER programs should be affected as well.

    Bad RAM?
    1. Flash your BIOS if an update exists.
    2. Verify the correct PROFILE is shown in your BIOS (select "XMP" and the proper frequency and timings should be applied).

    2. FANS:
    Verify that your Graphics Card fan is spinning.
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