Need new grapics card

Hi, just joined, my first post, please be kind. My graphics card crapped out. It was a GeForce 8600 GT 512mb pci-e x 16. Would like to buy something new first I think. Here is my system info:

Microsoft XP
Media Center Edition
Version 2002
Service Pack 3
HP Pavilion
AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual
Core Processor 4200+
2.20 GHz 2.00 of RAM

I like to play pc games. I know I need to buy a new computer also. Would like to buy a new graphics/video card and have it be a decent one but not break the bank in the interim because I know I need to buy a new computer (although this has been a GREAT one!). So any advice would be helpful on a new card. Advice on a new computer would also be appreciated. Would spend $1000 or under. I don't play online games. For instance I would like to play Batman Arkham City, new Bioshock, that type of stuff. I know I can't with this computer right now.

So help on both subjects would be awesome. Thanks in advance!
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  1. You can buy a graphics card right now, and just wait to build the rest later, but you really do need a new computer. I would recommend a GTX 660 or the new 7870 XT Tahiti LE (1536 stream processors.) <-7870 <- 660
  2. I recommend the 660, because the $45 difference
  3. I would go for the 7870XT it is a much much better card in terms of performance also you may want to upgrade windows. New programs are starting to not support xp
  4. you say $1000. this a definite budget and when can you spend it? what do you have for an operating system and is it 64bit...probably not? what is your monitor/resolution?

    are you going to need everything including a case and if not what would you be bringing over from the old set up?
  5. Actually the 7870 XT performs extremely like the 7950, not sure how(less stream processors and memory bandwith). So... get a 7870 XT, unless you don't want to spend that much.
  6. I really appreciate the replies! My operating system is 32 bit so I have to stick with a 32 bit card correct?
  7. no, it means you can't utilize more than 3.357gb of system ram.
  8. ahhh, ok, cool. So I have upgraded this computer through out the years with memory and graphic cards. I was thinking about just buying a new tower already built. Since I could buy a graphics card like that has been suggested for now and move it to my new computer. How difficult is it to build a computer? I really don't see that many parts in it but that doesn't mean I could do it. Would I be better off building my own? I suppose I could figure it out via the beautiful internet.
  9. building is better. It general you will get a much better motherboard and power supply if you build your own. You can also chose ever part you want, and the BIOS is unlocked meaning you pretty much have freedom to do watever you want on the computer. You can also chose Windows 7 or 8, OEM has swapped to 8, so if you want 7 you might want to build your own. Another thing to think about is everything is factory, so you will have a blank hard drive or SSD, and you are able to chose all installation paths for Windows, So if you want a 120GB SSD, buy it. If you bought pre built, you would have to add one, then go through the pain of installing Windows onto it.

    Made this as a reference build, you might be able to pull some parts out of your old system like the optical drive, and maybe the HDD (depends if you want it or not.)
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