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Hey guys,

So I have a single GTX 670 card, it's the ASUS GTX 670 DirectCU II Top 1137MHZ version. I am looking to get another 670 for SLI. Asus doesn't make the same card anymore and IMO, this card is really good and out performed my friends' GTX680 cards. so I am wondering is there other cards that can be a good fit for my GTX670?
Also, should I wait for the 700s and perhaps sell my 670 for two 760 TIs(or the equivalent of 660TI in the 700s series)? Would that be a better solution in terms of performance and value?

Lastly, I have a p8z77-v pro motherboard and I use the Asus Sonar ST, which is a PCI card. If I get another graphics card, I am afraid they won't fit together, any suggestions?
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  1. Grab another ASUS model that have the same cooler (DCII OC) and overclock it to the same frequency than your other card (you'll have the same good look and good performance) MSI Power Edition is in that range of overclock too but the card don't look the same (for me it's a problem as i like my build to look clean and uniform)

    Next Gen GPU will always be faster like a single 660ti is the same as 2X560ti so it'll surely be about the same in the 700 series (2 660TI will be the same as a single 760ti) so dual 670 will be about a single 770 or 780 but that will run all games for a really long time anyway so...

    Grab a Xonar DX or any PCI-e card and put it in the top slot so both GPU will have good ventilation... You can keep your current card and put it in the upper PCI slot, it'll be ok but really close to the top card...

    PS: Your "TOP" edition card should be in the first slot as the first card always does a little more work and need more bandwith... (1st run a X16 and second at X8 in general)
  2. Thanks for the quick response!

    Well, I don't really care about the looks and all, I just want good performances and good value. I am probably gonna go for two 760ti or similar to 660ti in the 700 series. They will probably sell for 300 each and I can probably sell mine for about $250+ :D And two 760TI will most likely out perform two 670s :)

    Thanks for the tip about placing the cards! But I don't want to get rid of my Sonar ST though. I am kinda an audiophile and I am really picky about my music.

    Thanks again!
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