Hello i need your visdom and advice


I bought xfx 7970 Black edition to replace radeon 5850 from newegg couple of days ago.

Went to BF3 and set it to ultra setings and the game now crashes to desktop within 5-20 seconds without any error and i have to close the game with Task manager because i cant get back in.

I cleaned all drivers and reinstalled fresh catalyst 13.2 beta and the game still crashes.
I have tried other games like Rage and Hitman Absolution and they didn't crash, but when i opened Shogun Total war 2 with all possible setting high the game crashed in the battle map before my troops could even move 50 yards.
I also did the Furmark Benchmark test in 1080p and it passed no problem with 99% load and a temperature of 76C.
Also ran that tessellation benchmark Unigine heaven and passed no problem.

My system is:

XFX Radeon 7970 Black Edition
intel i7-930 Oc'd to 3.9ghz
12 Gb of Ram Gskill 1600 mhz
two 7600 RPM Hdds
Samsung 830 256gb
Corsair TX750W Power supply
Mouse, Keyboard and Razer Nostromo(gaming keypad) all draw power by USb

Read that some people blame the power supply but after checking the power draw of the 7970 i found out that its about he same as the radeons 5850 with which i didn't have eny problems whatsoever.

Anyway hope that you can help me out, hope i dont have to RMA the card i like the FPS.
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  2. Could be the problem with game, as other games are seem to be working fine.use a gpu monitor and check up the stats just after crashing i.e. power draw,temp,usage etc.Should give us some clues.(msi afterburner is pretty decent)
  3. Sometimes a simple reinstall of the game might work. I had a similar problem with skyrim crashing after a graphics card upgrade. Reinstalled it and it ran fine.
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