Newbie needs advice on dual monitor + hdmi output

Hey folks,

System-Intel DH67GD-ATI Radeon HD 5450

Current setup-Single monitor on the DVI output, hdmi output to HDTV. Works fine. I can mirror the monitor out to the HDTV and watch computer video on the big screen.

I'd like two buy two new matched monitors and while keeping the hdmi output to the HDTV.

I can add my second monitor on the VGA output and either go VGA> VGA or convert VGA> DVI. Should work but I am leery of having one digital monitor and one analog.

Question 1: Will I notice the difference between the two monitors if one is DVI and the other VGA?

Any other options if for some reason I don't want to use the VGA. I guess I could buy a second card with HDMI output and then use my primary card to go DVI>DVI and HDMI>DVI (with a converter). Or I could look at a new card with 2 DVI and one HDMI output.

Can I split the HDMI so it goes to both the second monitor and the HDTV?

Thanks if you can help.
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  1. First of all you are going to have some problems running 4 monitors on a 5450 but the best option would be splitting the hdmi using the fourth output would overtax the card too much. If you really want quality video to all monitors you may want to consider upgrading
  2. check your cpu and motherboard. if your cpu has a built in gpu (ipgpu) you can turn both the ipgpu and the gpu on at he same time. the down side is you have to use some of the system ram for video ram. if you have a 4g system you may want to see if the port works then add some ram. i would look into muilt monitor control software.
  3. Ok I am not averse to upgrading and I definitely value high quality video. So this seems to be turning into the old what should I upgrade to?

    USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT-high quality HMDI output supporting all HDMI features, no/light gaming, output flexibility desired


    BUDGET RANGE:not budget constrained


    CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY-ATI Radeon HD 5450, high end rack mounted box so I am confident I have power to spare.

    OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS-Intel DH67GD, ADK rack mount, similar to this but about 18 1 year old



    ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I am looking at extending the HDMI output with a HDMI>Cat6 or HDMI> coaxial solution. Don't mind paying for future-proofing. Expect the monitors to be in the 21' range.
  4. What's a good tool that I can use to extract my motherboard, RAM and CPU info?

    What's a 4g system?
  5. Found my specs. from my invoice...

    Antec - 500W Earthwatts quiet 3yr warranty power supply

    H67 Matx Motherboard Core i5/i7

    Intel - Core i3 2100 Processor: 3.10GHz Dual Core 3MB Cache

    Mushkin - 4G DDR3 1333 9-9-9-24 1.5v memory
  6. Seems like the mb has HDMI out. Sorry for the stream of consciousness ramblings...

    So maybe my solution is set the duals on the 5450 card and see if the motherboard meets my HDMI needs.
  7. cpu-z..gpu-z..crucial memory advisior will read your mb info and give you info on amount of ram installed and ram that will work in your mb. 4g is short for 4 gigabytes. under mb info from intel there be a bios setting guild. you should be able to turn on the onboard igpu and install the drivers. most new mb and video card let you run to devices. (dvi those white ports) and hdmi ports at the same time or one digital port and one vga port. you may be able to run from the mb the dvi and hdmi port at the same time saving you some cash.
  8. Thanks. Running hdmi from the mb may require more system memory as you have pointed out. I'll probably set up the monitors on the 5450, then see if its feasible to run HDMI from the motherboard with the option of upgrading from 4 to 8 GBs if the system is stressed.

    I'm concerned the HDMI mb out may not support all HDMI features but I have to do some more research on this so this may be a non-sensical statement.

    I guess my ultimate out is jam in a second high-end card for just HDMI output (if such a thing exists) and leave the mb and its 4 GB alone. Not sure which HDMI version the mb supports (or if it matters).

    Thanks for your input and helping clarify my options...I am feeling kind of needy so I'll still keep exploring my upgrade options.
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