Best gpu 30$ can buy

hey guys could someone link me to the best gpu on newegg for 30$ please im lost in gpu stuff
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  1. Raise budget to 50$ and grab hd 6570 atleast
  2. What motherboard and CPU do you have? honestly a $30 video card doesn't really beat many on-motherboard video.
  3. a biostar and pentium d 3gh chep ass build like 80$ in all just for mincraft and maybe some other stuff but not much
  4. Thanks man!!!
  5. There are some 5450's with rebates ending up at about $17 on newegg.

    That or the 6450 (same card) is probably the best you can do for $30.

    make sure your older PC has PCI express and not AGP, though.
  6. Yes, the motherboard needs to have a pcie slot.
    There're cheaper ones, but with 1GB and 64 bit bus, this was the cheapest i could find.
  7. Ebay a radeon 4850 / Nvidia G92 card
  8. Those need pretty good power supplies, which I am assuming the OP doesn't have.
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