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I was looking to see if I could get any help on how I should go about upgrading my current GPU. I'm not sure whether I should stick with my current one (A MSI 7950 that has had some recent overclocking issues) and wait for the 89xx series to come out, or should I look into getting a 7970 GHZ (looking at the Sapphire Vapor-X 3gb card) since I've heard that can be a large performance boost in and of itself. My current motherboard isn't really crossfire compatible (unless I want a very slow 2nd card), and I'd rather not deal with any possible issues that dual-card setups can run into.
TLDR: Buy a 7970 now or wait for a 89xx card?
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  1. what i would suggest is try to sort out the issues with the 7950 for now as it is a decent card and whenever the 8 series comes out sell the hd 7950 and get it.
  2. I'm sort-of in the same boat as you. Want to swap my 2x 6950s for a single card. The 7970 looks very good at the current price point, but I'm waiting for the 89xx cards before making a change.

    I know the 89xx will come in at a much higher price point, but will have to wait and see what happens.
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