MAX BUDGET to upgrade old system

Ok folks, budget is now unlimited!! yay so I have and older processor a amd athlon x2 64 6000+ 3.0ghz not sure what my motherboard is..... :(
Have one pci x16 expansion slot. What can I buy (PSU, and Video card) that will play games on ultra or should I scrap this build? I can expand my ram up to 4GB if you suggest a new motherboard too further increase my gaming capability please feel free to add that on. Thanks for any and all input!

Note: (I did buy a Evga Geforce GT610 [$50]), which did about nothing to upgrade from integrated graphics which was even worse. Just to get playing some Dota 2, and LOL and I could only run those games on low to med settings...... Waste of $50 but I know where my system stands.
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    mum your old cpu and mb is going to bottleneck any new gpu you install.
    if that one to big of a bite for the budget
    4g to start if the funds are there get the 8g kit for 42.00

    then use the 610 video card for now...then swap it with a 7770 or 650ti when there on sale.
    if you have any sata dvd rom or hard drives from the old system you can back your data up and format them and reuse them if not a new dvd rom is 18.00 and a 500g sata drives are 60.00. I saw a big jump in how i could game when i went from my older intel 775 cpu to my newer ib cpu. (i use a 550ti as my main gpu card) mostly played city of heroes and other mmo. the 7850 and 7870 are the best cards for the money right now. depending on your funds i would pick up a 3540 and a asrocks z77 mb they wont break the bank and there give you a few years of gaming.
  2. hey man if your budget is not a point to worry about then just take a look at this.

    I think this the best gaming computer. everything above this will be an overkill !!

    i recently build it using tom's builder facebook app (tom's hardware's official facebook app)

    check it out-

    even this is a pretty much overkill :p

    if you want to buy them then just send me a personal message i will give you the newegg or amazon links(which one you prefer) for all of them.
    cheers. :) and happy gaming :)
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