Wireless keeps dropping out


My wireless keeps dropping out every a few times a minute for about 1 or 2 seconds then reconnects?

I have a Netgear WN111v2 connecting to my BT homehub3 which is downstairs 1 rooms over
Signal strength is 4 bars (60dB)
My channel is 11 with no other wireless devices apart from a printer and sonos
My HH3 is on top of my sonos which uses wireless so originally thought this might be it but have now connected sonos via Ethernet
My other pc which is at the other end of the house connects to the HH3 fine with no drop outs and is at a far less signal strength

The only thing I can think is that either my adapter has had it

Please help went through the process of buying a new adapter and thought that I should have too so cancelled it and want to get it fixed

Thanks Tim
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