What graphics card should I be looking at?

Hello guys

Would like a bit of info from you please,im looking to buy myself a cheap and cheerful graphics card so I can play world of warcraft on medium'ish settings. Nothing too fancy but I dont know the first thing about what is what and how much I will be looking to pay. Im thinking around the 30-£35 range. Any specifics you need then please tell and I will get them for you.

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  1. What is your current system? What is your screen resolution?
  2. Motherboard - Focomm
    Model - 45Gm/45cm
    Memory DDR2
    screen resolution 1440/900

    anything else you need? Not sure what to be typing down sorry
  3. what cpu are you running?
  4. Intel pentium E2140...My machine is rather old
  5. You can try the asus gt 610 fits your budget should work fine.
  6. Thanks very much I shall check it out now :)
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    For mediumish settings you'll want a 6570/6670 or 630/640 to get good framerstes on medium 1440x900
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