20 pin connector sufficient for powering cpu as well as Weak GPU.?

I wanted to build a system.. so I bought a GPU( Zotac GT630 and Corsair430V2 and a new cabinet...
I planned on buying a new motherboard and processor after a month or two...(tight on budget right now)
and I used the old motherboard along with processor(LGA 775) from my old HP Slimline PC...

While building the PC when I was about to connect the 24-pin atx connector to the motherboard.... I noticed that the motherboard supports a mini 24-pin atx connector rather than the standard 24-pin atx connector( usually for HP branded PCs) :cry:

So after some searching on the internet I came across the 20-pin atx to mini 24-pin atx adapter.
Now my question is that will the 20 pin be sufficient to supply power for the cpu as well as the Graphic card..... although the GT630 ddr5 has a TDP of 65W

will my mobo or processor be damaged......

CPU: E2180 (65W)
GPU: GT 630 1GB DDR5 (65W)
HDD: Samsung 320GB
RAM: 2GB 667mhz ddr2

I plan on getting a new mobo processor and ram after the end of march... Will my system be able to hold up atleast for 2 months..
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  1. There won't be a problem with the 20pin adapter. Just make sure that your PSU can supply adequate Amps to run both your gpu and the CPU. Even if the PSU is weak it will not damage your CPU or motherboard.
    Since you are getting a GTX630 I'm assuming that you are not into gaming.
    It is better to buy a HD7750 as it has low TDP and high performance than that of the GTX 630
  2. Thank you for the message...
    my motherboard has pcie generation1.0 so it wont be compatible with pcie 3.0 or 2.1 card
    that is the only reason for the GT 630
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    Most pci-e 2.0 and 3.0 GPUs are backwords compatable with PCi-e 1.0

    On 20 to 24 pin adaptor. Should be no problem. The additional 4 pins are to spread the +12 V over more conductors / connections. Generally it is NOT the Wires, but the Connector pins that are of concern - and this adaptor does that.
  4. I'm sure that the 7750 can work on a pcie x16 1.0 slot
  5. As all have said should have no worries...
    Just keep an eye out for any funny behaviors with the system eg. crashes, no startup, power supply squeeling, etc.
    I personally don't like building on proprietary mobos...too many odd connectors.
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