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Hi guys! I just have a quick question. Currently I have a 6770 which runs perfectly fine in my system. I was wondering if I were to upgrade my GPU to a 7850, would the PSU requirements be the same? My PSU is a bit weak. It's a 400W low end PSU(Came in with the computer). However, based from the few sites I've seen, the 7850 seems to pull out just as much power as the 6770!

Thanks for the help in advance! Cheers!
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  1. It is better to get a new PSU, especially if it came from the casing. An could you post your system specs. probably a 500W or more PSU
  2. I wouldn't run more than a 7750 on that psu. Some 7850s use 1 and some use 2 6 pin connectors. You may want to check which card you are interested in to make sure the psu you get will work.
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