Port Forwarding ?dizzy?

Hey guys,

Since I first connected to the internet I had a normal modem, so I didn't have to mess with all this annoying stuff.But family members decided, let's get a router and I said "why not?" worst decision ever.

Anyways, After 3 days I finally found out how to log in the router admin cpanel, but now it's getting messy.

Cisco EPC3925

There are so many options everywhere, I'm just lost.

Any help would be appreciated, I need to forward port 7777.

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  1. Three days to get into the cpanel? You should have read the manual first.

    1. Why are you trying to forward port 7777?
    2. Where are you trying to forward it to?
    3. Does the computer/device you are trying to forward to have a static IP address?

    If the answer to 3 is "no", then you will most likely have problems port forwarding since it's possible that the IP address could change on that computer/device.

    I found the manual here:

    Port forwarding starts on page 73: Applications & Gaming > Port Range Forwarding. It's very straight forward.
  2. I need to forward port so I can host games.Such as in Warcraft III or just host a test sa-mp server(7777).

    The IP should be my PC IP.

    I tried to use Port Range Forwarding but when I put my IP in the field it says "You can't use LAN IP" or something like that.
  3. Can you list the exact error message? There should be no reason why it won't let you use a LAN address.

    Also, if you are hosting game servers, you will need to open those ports in your firewall. I'm assuming you are using standard windows firewall, but you didn't list your OS. When launching your game server, windows might even popup a message saying the program is trying to access the internet, allow it?... in which case, answer yes.
  4. The firewall is disabled.

    "Invalid IP address:!"

    and when I go to "status" it says

    Internet IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:
    Default Gateway:
    DNS 1:
    DNS 2:
    DNS 3:
  5. That is not a LAN address, that is a WAN address. It appears your ISP is in romania. You need to be using private LAN addresses on your computers.

    Page 34 in the manual shows your LAN (local) addresses. The default for the router is

    You need to manually assign your computer an IP address that is on this network. Make sure it's out of the DHCP range you have setup in your router, again, page 34. For example lets say you setup the DHCP setting for LAN1 at You can now set your PC to use You can then port forward to this address.
  6. The default on my device is, If I try to set it to It says

    "Unacceptable DHCP Start IP address"

    And if I try to port forward like this

    start 7777 end 7778 with :

    "Invalid IP address:!"
  7. I just went by ythe maual wich states it's Of course you get it's unacceptable since nothing on your LAN is currently using it.

    In this case make LAN1 under DHCP something like and make your computers IP address You can then forward to your PC (
  8. If I add Lan1 IP the router cpanel works just fine but I can't use anything internet related.(I reversed the settings to post this)

    But starting IP adress seems to work just fine(internet and everything) but when I add the IP under lan1, nothing internet related works anymore.
  9. I'm confused. I think you are confusing DHCP LAN1 with your router's IP address which should be listed at the top of that page.

    Where it says GATEWAY: local IP address, what does it say? You last told me it was Is this correct?

    You state that you has to switch LAN1 under DHCP back the way it was. What is it currently? Now that I look closer at that page, what we need is the DHCP starting address.

    Also, did you change the IP address on your computer? You don't want the router assigning you a DHCP address, otherwise your port forwarding won't work.

    Also, uder the DHCP DNS settings, you should be able to use the addresses you posted earlier:

    DNS 1:
    DNS 2:

    or you can use the gateway local IP address as the DNS address. I'd try the numbers above first.

    I'm usually unavailable during the evenings so I may not be able to reply until tomorrow.

    Here are the key things to note.

    1. The gateway local IP address. Every computer on your network will have the exact same 3 first numbers, only the last will change.

    If the gateway address is then every computer on your network must be 192.168.1.x where x is between 1 and 254. These must be unique.

    2. You need to configure your computer with an IP address that is on this network, but not in the DHCP pool, so set the starting DHCP address to something higher than your PC's address.

    3. Don't save your router configuration until everything is working properly. this way if you accidently lose connection, you can reboot the router and it will boot up with it last configuration.
  10. Lan1 was

    Gateway: Local IP is
    I changed "starting IP adress" to
  11. Okay man, I just tested it with those 2 DNS's and it's working great.

    Thank you so much <3
  12. Awesome! Glad you got it worked out. Happy gaming!!!
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