CCC not applying ANY graphical settings. Please help! :(

This is driving me utterly crazy

Short story: I have a ATI 6670 GPU. It's a new computer and yesterday I was trying to play around with the CCC settings to increase the performance in planetside 2. I set it from custom to high performance (since that's the only setting that allows the AMD overdrive thing to work when bumping up the sliders) and I saw a huge performance in FPS. However, not in graphics quality.

So I wanted to play around with the settings anyway, since I hadn't done since getting this new computer, and first tried the invoke preset to best quality (Which, Ironically I don't remember making some profiles but seems I had) and I saw absolutely no difference what so ever.

I then went into the 3D settings and bumped up AA mode to override system settings and boosted to max, same with every other option, all to max. Changed from multisampling to super sampling etc...

And saw no difference at all.

I then created profiles for specific games. Changed settings as before. No change.

These were the second latest drivers for the GPU (I remember getting a popup for a new one last week or something)

So, I uninstalled the drivers, went into safe mode, removed all the ATI settings with driver sweeper and installed the latest catalyst.

Did the exact as above, and saw no difference what so ever.

Here's what's bothering me (Despite the fact it's not working obviously!)

On my old computer, I had a radaeon 5550. If I changed any of those settings, I would see an insane increase in graphical difference. Albeit at the expense of a performance hit, but, it allowed me to tweak the best I could while keeping a desirable performance.

So why won't it work with the newer card?

New computer:
i5 quad core 3gig
8gb ram
ATI 6670
Win 7

Old computer:
AMD dual core 3.6gig
4gig RAM
ATI 5550
Win 7

This is making me want to pull my hair out. I've tried it with as many different settings, application profiles, restarting after every one after giving up on trying to do it without restarting and so forth.

Please help, I'm disappointed in this computer as it is, I don't want to make this thread any longer than it is, but I was stuck with no option other than to buy from PC world despite building my own for 15 years (Living on an island where PC world destroyed every single local shop where I could order parts) but anyway, irrelevant to the thread.

I'd be very grateful if anyone could assist as to why these settings won't change, at all, especially on a better computer with both cards being ATI and at one point, both having the same drivers (until the last two updates)
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  1. change graphics settings within a game and not with profiles. profiles are used for extra settings such as different anti aliasing types but your graphics settings should be done within the game
  2. This isn't the point I am getting at. I know I can change graphics settings in a game, and I usually do. It's irrelevant to what I am asking however. I would like to know why the settings aren't applying with CCC when they did with my other (same make, but older) GPU and in the CCC.

    Take one example: Bulletstorm. All settings maxed out in the game, if I changed settings in the CCC to super sampling however, the graphics in the game would be far superior despite having set them to max anyway.

    But again, still irrelevant to what I am asking. I'd really like to know just why these aren't applying with my current card.
  3. It would work on every game on my last system.

    It worked on a game on my old AMD while it doesn't do a single thing to the exact same game on my newer computer.

    Just because I want to be able to crank them up, doesn't mean I will, especially to the point it wouldn't be able to handle it. Again, irrelevant. I want the CHOICE to, and I want it to actually work, whether or not it should be pushed up passed it's limit.
  4. No, but it did work on bulletstorm, it did work on WoW, it did work on GW2, and it did work on ARMA 2. All that were installed on my old computer, all working on the CCC, all installed on my new computer, none working. It should work on PS2 due to their ingame graphics settings being terrible and everyone having to configure either via their own GPU or by the ini file for PS2 (even the dev's recommend this) and I've tired it on many games on the newer computer.

    As I said, there were games I KNOW it worked on, because I used it, which don't on this, yet still work on the AMD machine.
  5. Apparently I'm not allowed to edit the post, so I'll just have to add this in.

    Whether or not I should be doing it, or whether or not I should do it via the in game graphics, just doesn't help to my problem which I am asking.

    For the record, I've tried setting compatibility mode in CCC, making sure it runs as admin, and all that minor stuff, also irrelevant stuff like CCleaner etc.
  6. Anyone able to actually help with what I am actually asking?

    On a side note, my last compter had an older CCC with AMD vision engine (seems you could even over clock the CPU with it) and I can't seem to find a new version/updated one of that.

    Or could it just be as simple as my last computer being AMD while this is intel? though, that sounds really silly.
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