[HELP] Regarding different options for displays.

Hello Tom's Hardware,
I'm Ben, and this is my first thread ever regarding a question I'm facing recently.

First, I'd like to set up a home theater system in my bedroom.
Currently I have 3 possible options;

1. Connect my 45" 1080p HDTV through HDMI/VGA. (*Downside: I don't think it's a proper 1080p HDTV since when I hook it up, the text looks all fuzzy and bad.)
2. Buy a proper monitor, I'm thinking of a 30" or a 32". (*Downside: Price.)
3. Buy 3 20" monitors and somehow do eyefinity with them. (*Now this is the tricky part I want to ask you pros about.)

I'm currently looking into hooking my laptop with 3 monitors.
My laptop runs on GT635M DDR3 with 2GB VRAM with HD4000 that both come out of either VGA or HDMI.
Now I know it's possible to get a HDMI splitter that splits the signal 3 ways and display three screens separately making things identical.

But however what I am aiming for is to be able to set up a 3 way monitor system that allows me to extend from one of the monitors when I'm multitasking and working, and be able to fix all the 3 monitors together when I want to watch a movie.

Basically what I meant was, is there somehow, from 1 HDMI port, split it to 3 HDMI connects each to each monitor.

Or is there any other better way?
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  1. If you need anymore information please reply and Ill provide you with the latest info possible.

    You will need something like this to split one output to multiple monitors. With your hardware you will be better off going with your tv or buying a single monitor set-up
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    Please go with a single monitor ! No need to do an eyefinity on a laptop, Your graphics will be bottlenecked ..

    Go with one 32"

    and i think for multimedia purpose like watching movie a single monitor is better than eyefinity.
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  5. Alright thanks for all the help.
  6. you are always welcome.
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